Grandparents Day 2019 - Activities and Gift ideas

Grandparents Day is on Sunday 6th October.  In the UK, this is usually celebrated on the first Sunday of October. Here are some activities to do on the day as well as some gift ideas plus ten easy ways to spend time with grandparents on grandparents day.

Grandparents play a vital role in the emotional development of their grandchildren, some Grandparent are also active careers in their grandchildren’s  lives, helping  either by babysitting or helping parents out once in a while or on a regular basis.  It is therefore important that grandparents are not taken for granted and that grandparent’s day is marked.   Grandparent’s day is a time to make grandparents know how special they are.



What to Do on Grandparents Day?

Some town may hold special events for Grandparents Day, otherwise there are a whole range of activities that can be done together with grandparents to mark their day.  This ranges from


Do not  give a generic off-the-shelf Grandparents Day card, Give Grandparents personalised cardsshow that you have put some thought into your card selection, by either opting for handmade greetings cards; or personalised grandparents cards or handwritten card.  If you are going to give a generic off-the-shelf card make sure the words does reflect or applies to your grandparents.  Research does show that many grandparents see a handwritten or personalised card as a great gift. 

    1.1  Compose a poem

      If you are feeling adventurous, you can compose a poem for grandparents day.  A poem is a great way to let your grandparents know how much they mean to you and how much you love them. There are plenty of free grandparents Day poems available on the internet.

        1.2  Write Grandparents a letter

          If you do not feel like composing a poem, write a letter to your grandparent expressing your appreciation for their support in your live.   Put some thoughts to it and write how you feel. A simply way to start crafting a letter is to create a Grandparent,    “I love you because …” list



          For Grandparents day, Grandchildren can swap their social media profile or cover photos with one that includes their grandparents and keep it throughout the week Alternatively share pictures and anecdotes of your grandparents with the hashtags #grandparentsday.



          Many Grandparents don’t care what activity they do on grandparents day, they simply want to spend time with their grandchildren.   Make time for them and begin by asking them to show or tell you one of their favourite hobbies.  There are TEN ways to celebrate Grandparents Day

          TEN Easy Ways to Spend Time with GrandParents  on Grandparents Day

          3.1  Baking and Cooking Together

            This is a good time to bake together with GrandMa, you can bake treats like GrandMa’s Bread or Grandpa’s Cake both made by the talented grandparent and their grandchildren.  If the grandchildren want to be adventures, they can make one of the dishes that their grandparents usually make for them

            3.2  Watch Movie

              If you grandparent prefers a calm day, ask them to show you their favourite movie for instance.  You can spend the day together watching a movie.

               3.3  Share their favourite activity

                If they like football, you can get them tickets to see their favourite team with you.The time spent together will be appreciate.

                Go to the Cinema or book tickets to watch their favourite Football Team together

                 3.4  Arts, Craft or Hobbies

                  A good way is to spend grandparents day together is to spend the day  sharing or doing grandparents favourite hobby together. Spend the day letting your grandparents teach you their hobby, for example if they like fishing, go fishing together.  This is a great way for grandchildren to bond with their grandparents as well as potentially discovering a new interest.

                   3.5  Spent time outside together

                    Grandparents Day 2019 - Activities and Gift ideasPhysical activates is a great way for grandchildren to bond with their grandparents.   Outdoor adventures is a good way to bond with your grandparents. This can involve going to a gentle stroll or hike together.  Spend some time together outside, go for a walk, visit the local park etc.  A nice gentle walk is a healthy activity.    You can also find a series of walking routes for grandchildren to enjoy with their grandparents in celebration of Grandparents day.  It is advisable that you plan your route beforehand, take a picnic with you or find good eatery along the proposed route.


                    Activities for younger grandchildren includes

                    Complete a puzzle Together:  Jigsaw puzzles; word searches and crosswords are great way to spend time with the grandparents.

                    3.6  Sing Together

                      Young grandchildren can sing and make a video of them singing together with their grandparents.  It is always wonderful to see grandparents and their grandchildren singing together.  Take a video or photo of this .

                      3.7  Play Games, Draw and colour together

                        There are lots of ideas of games that can be played with young grandchildrenGrandparents Day 2019 - Activities and Gift ideas.  Spend time painting and colouring together.  Painting and colouring is a great way for grandparents and their grandchildren to spend quality time together.

                          3.8  Go out for a Meal or Cook a meal

                            Spend time together going out for a meal or cook grandparents their favourite meal.  Put the thought into which of the two options your grandparents will prefer.


                            Other Things to Do

                            Grandparents Day is a great day to remember other grandparents who may not have their grandchildren around or who are alone on Grandparents Day.  

                            3.9  Visit a Nursing Home

                              Many Nursing Home residents never get a visitor on Grandparents Day.  You can do this together with your grandparent.  It is advisable that you contact the Nursing Home a few weeks or days before you plan to visit.   Find out if you can bring some treats with you.

                              3.10  What to do if you are far away from your grandparents

                                Some grandchildren are a long-distance away from their grandparent, and it is very difficult or impossible to make the journey down to celebrate grandparent’s day.  Communicating with your grandparents on this day is a great way to mark the day and make them feel closer to you.  Ways of communicating includes WhatsApss videocall, FaceTime.  If the grandchildren are young, get them to make a video which can be emailed to their grandparents on Grandparents Day.  Alternatively you can have a WhatsApp, Skype or FaceTime Karaoke


                                1. GIFT-GIVING

                                Our personalised gifts for Grandparents is a lovely way to show any Grand Grandparents Day 2019 - Activities and Gift ideasMother, Grandma, Grandpa, Nama, Papa or Granddad how much they are valued. Visit our range of personalised Grandparents gifts and get creative and personalise meaningful gifts they will love to show off.  Some gift ideas includes

                                Personalised Photo Frames.  These are a sought after gift and a good way for showing off photos of precious grandchildren.  You can surprise brand new grandparents with our unique, personalised baby gifts and baby photo frames for  grandparents. Nothing says “I love you” like heartfelt, gifts for grandparents from baby that is personalised to include baby or grandparents name, photos and more.

                                We have a range of personalised keepsakes for grandparents, as well as a range of   more practical grandparents gift for example our Personalised Gardening Gloves or a personalised coffee mug or travel mug.  what’s more our quality personalised grandparents gifts are made to last, these are gifts they will treasure and love for years to come.  Let us help you give grandparents give that come from your heart.

                                No matter what you do, the best Grandparents Day involves you and your grandparents spending time together and celebrating as a family. Remember on Grandparents Day, it is the thought that counts

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