Personalised Mini Me Doll - Mankini (Light)


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Personalised Mini Me Doll - Mankini (Light)-Mini-Me-Give Personalised Gifts
Personalised Mini Me Doll - Mankini (Light)-Mini-Me-Give Personalised Gifts
Personalised Mini Me Doll - Mankini (Light)-Mini-Me-Give Personalised Gifts

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Create a mini version of you, your friends, children or loved ones with our Personalised Mini-Me Mankini. Our Personalised Mini Me dolls allows you to be whatever you want to be - a hunky man in mankini (your secret is safe with us!). This is an opportunity to turn you or anyone you wish into an adorable, and hilarious tiny cushion-like dolls.

Our Mini Me’s Dolls are versatile gifts,they are  perfect for a Stag, Hen party, or as a Christmas, Birthday or ‘Going away’ prezzie that you can snuggle, hug or (if you like) stick pins in. This is a gift for anyone with a sense of humour, both adults and kids alike.

Simply upload a photo of your face, design your mini me doll using our designer and we will do the rest.  Sit back and await the arrival of your microscopic alter-ego!  Here you can find our range of personalised Mini-Me photo dolls. 

Product details:

  • Handmade  in Yorkshire
  • 18”/46cm tall to 13”/33cm wide
  • CE tested and approved.
  • You can remove the cover, wash at 30 degrees and even change outfits if you order more than one!

To guarantee best quality print please use a light, high quality, high-resolution image.  Do not use a shadowed, dark image as the dark areas will be enhanced.  We cannot accept any refunds or returns for bad quality or blurry images.  Your image will be reproduced as it appears.  However in some cases, we may crop the image for size to fit the product you order      


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Customer Reviews

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Personalised Mini Me Doll - Mankini (Light)


Really great gift idea which has been somewhay marred by its slow processing. I ordered with plenty of time to go before I needed to give it and we are now a week past that deadline and I am still not in possession of the gift. I understand that this may be the fault of the courier (Hermes) however I could not rate the product as I do not have it.
The website layout was fantastic and personalisation was really simple and effective. Additionally, customer service was easy to get in contact with but a little unhelpful.


Personalised Mini Me Doll - Mankini (Light)

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