About Us


Trying to find unusual, special or unique gifts under one roof always seems a difficult task. With limited time available, those special presents often get compromised.  Gifts Personalised Gifts is a one-stop marketplace displaying beautiful, special and memorable gifts to treasure. Many gifts can be personalised, the perfect gift ideas for any special occasion, including Father's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, Weddings and Engagement, Anniversaries  and much more.  Each product featured on our site has been specially handpicked.

So whatever the occasion, we have it covered.  Nothing says “You’re special” like Personalised gifts



We pride ourselves on 3 things

Personalisation and value for money

You want a gift that stands out and shows that some thoughts have gone into choosing it but you do not want to pay over the top for the pleasure.  That’s why we offer thousands of one-of-a-kind gifts at a very good value.  If you choose one of our personalised gifts, you can add a photo; date; name; monogram; event name or special message to make it special. You choose the gift we take care of the personalisation for you.

Great Service

We are here to support you every step of your purchase journey.  You can track your order or contact our customer services team by email, phone or online message.  Our friendly staff at always on had to help you or answer your question.

Great Product

All our products have been carefully selected, we guarantee that our products are 100% free of defects in quality and workmanship.

We are always on the lookout for unique and exciting products.  Products are being added to out site every week, our aim is to have something for everyone.  If you can’t find the gift you are looking for, contact our sales team at sales@givepersonalisedgifts.co.uk and we will see if we can stock it for you.